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Built Not Bought Program

Built NOT Bought is the mind set that WHATEVER you desire, it begins with the mental preparation of knowing you WILL reach your goal only through hard work, determination, and perseverance. Shortcuts don’t exist. Success won’t happen overnight.

Too much of this world revolves around the “I want it now” mentality and not enough of the “I worked hard to get to where I am” mind set. The Built Not Bought Movement is backed by the notion that you can’t simply go out and just buy your success or reach your goals. It’s knowing you worked hard each and every day to move you closer to your goals! It’s knowing that whatever life throws your way, you won’t let anything stop you.

It’s having the courage to say YES to the right things and having the knowledge to say NO to all the things that bring you down! It’s knowing when to cut out the bad things in your life. It’s having the courage when you feel broken to take the steps to put yourself back together, one day at a time. It’s knowing you will be proud of reaching your goals, because of the amount of hard work you put in to get there.

Here’s what you will receive: 

  • Easily downloadable PDF 8 Week Workout program that you can access from your computer or smart phone.  Gets sent to your email as soon as you sign up(Not a DVD)
    • Every 2 weeks the workouts change to keep the workouts fresh and exciting
    • Workouts can be easily completed at the gym or at home using dumbbells and resistance bands in around 45 minutes
  • Interactive PDF with videos for form tutorials to make sure you have the right form
    • check out videos of the exercises Angela does herself
  • 8 Week Printable calendar to keep on track with your workouts
  • Built Not Bought Nutrition program that guides you on your fitness journey
    • Amazing recipe options for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and clean treats
  • Customer service team to answer and address any questions you may have with your BNB program

$100.00 $39.99